“Ferrero has at its core a wealth of resources enabling the Group to overcome difficulties, while maintaining the path towards solid growth for the future. These resources come from the power of its products and from the sense of belonging shared by all its employees. (…) So, be confident, continue to give your best with the loyalty, professionalism and dedication that have always characterized your work: unmistakable values that helped us to be successful in the past and will be a key element to continue towards further success in the future.”
(Michele Ferrero, December 2008)

Ferrero is based on a family history, founded on the principles and values that inspire our daily commitment towards consumers.
Our Company Principles have guided the Group since its creation, in 1946, and their implementation evolves with us through the challenges we face.

These Principles were put together and shared within the Company for the first time in 2004: this is their updated version.