In the industrialised world, the development of increasingly sedentary lifestyles, whether for personal or environmental reasons, has caused an increase in the number of health problems partly associated, directly or indirectly, to over-eating.
We have therefore carefully studied what the effects of our products are, when consumed normally, on the metabolism.
The results of clinical trials, carried out strictly according to regulations, have completely reassured us of the balance of fats, sugar content and even the sensation of satiety that our products contain.
The incidence of obesity and its rapid growth even among the very young has nevertheless driven us to actively support food education programs (EPODE, sponsored together with the Health and Consumer Protection Directorate of the European Commission) in many countries where we operate, as well as initiatives which aim to teach the difference between advertisements and programs (Media Smart).
Moreover, Ferrero is actively involved in the promotion of responsible advertising, which respects self-regulatory codes recognised by the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).




Starting from 1st January 2012, Ferrero Group applies a specific set of "Principles on Advertising & Marketing”. For further information please click here >